In epic Team ReserveAid fashion, first time Ironman, Carlo Portes, and third time Ironman, John Withrow, raced to amazing finishes at IMFL [take me to their results]. Check out our PHOTO GALLERY for some pics of our latest Team RA Iron-men!

Want some more? Take a few minutes to read both of their race reports. Carlo recounts his day with Jesus. Wait … what? Yes, Jesus. Read about it here! What about Mr. Withrow? Withrow details how he broke the 11 hour mark while dealing with some ever so uncomfortable gastrointestinal “issues”. Read more about it here!

Congrats again to both of our newly minted Ironman finishers!

Meet Carlo Portes …

Before his foray into triathlons, Carlo Portes devoted most of his free time participating in non-athletic endurance events that centered around the New York City and Las Vegas night-life. In 2010, John Withrow “encouraged” him to start running in road races. After completing his first half-marathon, Carlo found himself purchasing a tri-bike, wetsuit, and becoming a bewildered member of the triathlon community. Despite a frightening swim in his first triathlon, Carlo has enjoyed being a part of such a wonderful sport – the highs of being able to do things that he never thought he could do has been addictive, and being able to do so while part of such a worthy cause as ReserveAid has made it that much more rewarding.

Carlo currently lives in New York City with his wonderful wife Marion, who has been his most ardent supporter and has been extremely patient in dealing with his training and inability to not leave his tri gear all over their apartment. And as someone who has had several family members serve in the United States Navy, he is very honored to do his small part in supporting our troops.

Remember Scott and John?

Last time we checked in on Scott Adams and John Withrow they were blowing through the finish line at the Ironman U.S. Championships. Both are at it again as they join Carlo in representing Team RA down in Panama City Beach. This will be Scott’s second and John’s third IM.
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