Gabriel Szerda running at Racing the Planet-Jordan

On September 28th I am scheduled to compete and represent ReserveAid in a rugged and challenging ultra marathon – Mogollon Monster 100 – held in Arizona.
The race covers roughly 106 miles climbing the Mogollon Canyon Rim in four separate locations. During the race, I will be expected to climb a total of 23,000 feet, always at or above 5,000 feet of elevation. While other races are certainly at higher elevations, and/or with more climbing, they certainly do not contain as rugged a terrain that is found on this course. This is a VERY technical course in many areas, specifically the Highline Trail, Donahue and the soon to be revered, Myrtle Trail. Along with the additional mileage to a traditional 100 mile race, the terrain, elevation, and intense Arizona sun, this race will certainly take its toll on each runner. The Race Director has the following warning “First time hundred mile runners may want to think about a different ultra for their first hundred miler. In fact…this is a terrible choice for a first hundred” – with that warning I signed up for my first +100 miler.
Since 2010 I have competed in multiple ultra events – Racing the Planet – Australia in 2010, Ironman Louisville in 2011, Racing the Planet – Jordan in 2012. Now I’m back at it and trying to prove that there are no limits. I am hoping that you can join me in my ambitious goal of raising at least $106,000 ($1,000 per mile) in support of ReserveAid – while proving that anything is possible”.
The daily financial hardships faced by our Reservists and National Guard members, simply because they are making good on their commitment to protect our freedoms, dwarf the challenge I will face on September 28th. To the degree that I can honor their commitment and help in any way I can, I will.
I need your support, and I need your help. If you are in a position to do so, please “Donate Now” towards my effort to help the real heroes in this country! To donate, please follow these simple steps:

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