What is Team ReserveAid?

Team ReserveAid was formed when a passion for supporting our troops was met with a passion for triathlon. Team ReserveAid athletes come from a variety of backgrounds, including members of ReserveAid’s Board of Directors, former service members, collegiate and Olympic athletes, marathoners, and even a couple of stay-at-home moms.

Ultimately, Team ReserveAid was formed to further our love of sport and desire to help those who have given so much to their country. In addition to the original idea of competing in an Ironman to raise awareness and funds for our Troops in need, the Team ReserveAid concept has expanded to include other challenging athletic endeavors. Among these events are Marathons and Ultra-Marathons, Endurance Bike Races, and Mountain Climbing.

If you’d like to get physically involved to help our cause, we’d love to have you join us; please express your interest or nominate a Team ReserveAid challenge via our Team ReserveAid suggestion form.

Team RA member, Brian Lee, put this wonderful video together which was featured at the 2012 ReserveAid Gala in New York. The video provides a remarkable glimpse into the the kind of impact ReserveAid has while paying tribute to the Team and its hard working athletes. Great job Brian!

What’s New With the Team?

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Event Description Date / Time
Ironman Lake Placid       Greg Kasko races for Team ReserveAid    7/26/15
Ironman Wisconsin
      10 Athletes race for Team ReserveAid    9/13/15
Ironman Chattanooga
      Mike Tokar and Eric Bachmann race
      for Team ReserveAid